Dr Vassilios Constantoudis

Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
National Center for Scientific Research ‘Demokritos’ 15310 Athens
Tel: + (30) 6978697120

email: v.constantoudis@inn.demokritos.gr

If you wish to be a member of COSA, please send email to any of the following members of  the executive committee listed below.

Please provide the following information:

Name, Family Name, Work Address, Telephone, E-mail, Topics of Interest

Members of executive committee:

Yannis Almyrantis,  yalmir@bio.demokritos.gr   

Minos Axenides,   axenides@inp.demokritos.gr

Tassos Bountis   bountis@math.upatras.gr   

Astero Provata,  a.provata@inn.demokritos.gr

Thanos Stubos,   stubos@ipta.demokritos.gr

George Tsironis,  gts@physics.uoc.gr

Kyriakos Hizanides,    kyriakos@central.ntua.gr